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Back at the Cabin Again

No Jury Duty for me next week.  So it looks like we’ll be here for awhile.  This morning we got busy getting all the things out that were put away for the winter.  The rain barrels are sitting empty waiting for the first spring rain which could happen this weekend.  The shower shelter is set up.P1030636

The little fridge is plugged in and stocked.


Molly had her first swim of the year.

P1030659 And my perennial garden looks just about as nice as when I planted it last spring.  These are the only kind of flowers to have around here.  They don’t need watering, the deer won’t touch them, they won’t freeze and they don’t die when a dog steps on them.P1030665

Glad to be back, especially on such an incredible spring day.  It was 57 when we got up this morning, there were lots of ducks on the pond and all kinds of birds visiting the feeders.  I am so happy there’s no jury trials next week.  Thanks to everyone for crossing your fingers and for sending positive thoughts my way.  It worked! 

Back home again

I really didn’t want to, but we had to come back home today.  Appointments to keep and favors to friends to complete.  Now if things go the way I’m hoping, when I check the Jury Duty website on Tuesday, it will say I’m not needed and then we can go back up north.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Here’s the wildlife moment story I promised. 

Most days we determine what we felt was our "wildlife moment" of the day. Tuesday was a good wildlife moment kind of day. It was around 4:00 and we decided to take a drive down to "the pit", which is an abandoned gravel pit about 9 miles away. It’s a good place to go for a walk and a nice place for Molly to take a swim, unless it’s too cold, like yesterday. Anyway, we’re driving along when all of a sudden Jim says there’s a wolf back there. Eeek! We get to a spot where we can turn around, I get my window down, camera all set and slowly go back to where he saw it. Oh ya, it was still there, but only long enough for me to take 2 pictures.

Timber Wolf Wow! That was a wildlife moment. We see wolves every year, but rarely get a picture of one. So now we continue down the road to the pit. We park, walk down to the pond and see there are some trumpeter swans and ducks on the water. The ducks take off, but the pretty swans swim around so I can take their pictures. Nice swans, thank you very much.Trumpeter Swan #26cWhen I got home and downloaded the pictures, I noticed one of the swans had a yellow collar around the neck. Well, last fall I took pictures of a swan family and two of them had collars. I zoomed in on the collar and guess what? It was one of the same ones from last fall. The swan on the left is number 26C. I decided to search around and see if there was a place to report this information. Sure enough USGS has a form and I reported my trumpeter swan sighting.

See why I want to back up there?  Everyday there’s so much to see and so many pictures to take. 

Beaver Tales

For 3 nights show time started around 6:30. All of a sudden one or both beavers appear on the ice and I rushed out with my camera, missing Wheel of Fortune and started taking pictures of them. Here’s what the pond looked like Monday night. There’s open water around the edges, the beaver lodge is on the upper right side and the dam is over on the left side, out of this picture. Anyway…that dot on the ice is one of the two beavers that hang around out there.

P1030447 Here’s a better picture of it. P1030457

As I was standing on the hill taking these pictures, I heard another one slap it’s tail on the water giving the warning sign to the other beaver. That surprised the hell out of me because at the time, I didn’t know there was another one out there. So I stood around taking more pictures of the one on the ice and all of a sudden the other one swims out from under it! How cool is that? The two of them hung around for awhile and finally one swims back under the ice over towards the dam. I decide to go over there to see if I could get some closer pictures. I wasn’t disappointed! That’s him swimming next to the dam.

P1030483 And then I zoomed in on the little bugger.P1030480

He swam back and forth a couple times, checking me out then finally he slapped his tail on the water and disappeared again. I decided I had enough pictures and called it a night.

We’re amazed at how much wildlife we’ve seen in just one week.  Wait until I get my next wildlife moment written up.  It’s a winner and there will be pictures!

Green Horn

Well the shed hunter had success yesterday, but he didn’t find the one he was looking for.  He did find a nice one from last year.  It was still in good shape, just a little green from spending a whole year laying on the ground.  Many times when you find an old one, it will have chew marks or whole points chewed off by mice or other little ground critters.  Good source of calcium for them.Green Horn Found March 20

Last night we had a couple bucks come by to visit.  Got some nice pictures of them on the trail cam.  Around 12:30am a coyote got his picture taken and that was the last picture the cam recorded.  Not a deer, bunny or raccoon.  They know when danger is in the area.

March 20Here are the bucks that came by.  You can see nubbies on top of his head.  They will grow into antlers and next spring Jim will be hunting for them.March 20 (2)

We had two wildlife moments this morning.  First we saw that rascal Otto the otter running across the ice.  A little while later we saw two trumpeter swans fly over the cabin.  That was the first time we’ve ever seen them around here.  I’m sure they would’ve landed on the pond if there was open water.  Darn!

Like Looking…

for a needle in a haystack.  That’s what Jim’s been doing since Thursday.  Remember that nice big buck that was hanging around here last fall?  Yeah, this one, the one with the big rack.  Oct 22nd-3Well, all winter long we wondered if he made it through the hunting seasons and then through the winter.  Right now, we know he survived the hunting season because he was nice enough to drop one of his antlers right on one of the trails we have out there.  This is how it was laying when he first saw it.
Left side See it laying on the ground between the arrow and the white tree?shed antler on secret lane westSo now he’s determined to find the other one.  He’s out there searching high and low on our property, the county forest behind ours and even stepping onto the neighbors to see if he can find the other side. He went through this last spring too and was successful in finding both sides from the other buck that was around here.  He likes doing this kind of stuff and has a pile of antlers to prove it.

For Toodie…here’s pictures of the birdhouses.  The first one is inside out birch bark.  The other one is the outer bark from a poplar tree.

Birch bark bird house   Poplar bark bird house

Another Wildlife Moment

Yesterday was quite a day for wildlife moments. With the warm temperature, it really got the critters active. We saw the otter in the morning along with some geese. Then as it was getting dark, I saw something else swimming around out there. I figured it was the otter again, but nope, it was a beaver, possibly Barney. A little while later I could see it up on the ice. But it wasn’t just one, there were two of them and it appeared they were preening each other. Here’s a couple pictures, but remember it was getting dark and they were out a ways, so the picture quality isn’t the best.

Barney & Thelma Lou perhaps?

Barney & Thelma Lou perhaps?

And one from the trail cam.  I cropped this one so you could see the beavers out on the ice a little better. 



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